Daura Campos is a Latinx, self-taught, lens-based artist and curator based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Her photographic practice challenges traditional image-making processes, revealing itself as more than a meta-commentary with a subtext that prompts broader conversations on the implications of existing in a dissident body.

Her What the Luck series was awarded by Adolescent and exhibited in Experimental Photo Festival, Visual Space, Make Room, and has been displayed on billboards in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. Earlier works have been published globally on Curated by Girls, Container Love, The Soon Project, and others.

Contact: daurismo@gmail.com
For recent updates, follow: @daurismo


Bachelor of Film and Media, PUC-MG, Brazil

Solo Exhibitions

Secret Visibility, Nefarious Contemporary, Baltimore, USA (forthcoming)

2021      What the Luck, Adolescent, Los Angeles, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions

Untitled, Gallery 44, Toronto, ON (forthcoming)

      Untitled, Slant Projects, London, UK (forthcoming)

2021     Risk, Roundtable Residency, Toronto, ON (forthcoming)

      El Último Humano Será Solo Recuerdos; Isla and Avant Garde Gallery; Bogotá, Colombia

      The space in between, the space in between gallery, Austin, Texas, USA

      Exploration/Emergence, Static Arts Collective, NYC, USA

      Evanescence, Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona, ES

      Duality, Doré Art Collective, Atlanta, USA

      Narrativas Autobiográficas, Rede Quem, Belo Horizonte, BR

      Windows to Paradise; Make Room, Remote Gallery, Centre for Social Innovation; Toronto, ON

      Handshake, Drawstring; Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City; USA

               Spring, Visual Space, London, UK

Awards and Scholarships

Hemi Convergence Convener, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics,
      New York University in partnership with the University of Chicago, USA

       Honorable Mention, Narrativas Autobiográficas by Rede Quem, Belo Horizonte, BR

       Adolescent Photography Grant, What the Luck, Adolescent, Los Angeles, USA

2020     Mentorship, BIPOC Photography Mentorship, Toronto, ON


Roundtable Residency: Risk, Roundtable Residency, Toronto, ON

      Slant Projects Residency, Slant Projects, London, UK

Selected Press & Interviews

2021     Deep Fried Film, Jumbo Shrimp Press, New Jersey, USA

      Artist Interview, Hopping the Fence Podcast, Hamilton, ON

      Artist Interview, Private View Blog, Cambridge, UK

      Artist Feature, Caiu na Rede, Rede in partnership with Azeda Festival, Belo Horizonte, BR

      Artist Interview, The Soon Project, London, UK

      Artist Interview, Human Wonder, Milan, IT

2020    Amanda, Afinidades Magazine, Mexico City, MEX

      Chosen Family, Container Love, Berlin, GER

      Chosen Family, Curated by Girls, Berlin, GER

      Luiza, Ashamed Magazine, London, UK

Curatorial Projects

Curatorial Assistant, The Curator Ship, Barcelona, ES

Instagram Curator, Foto Femme United, Paris, FR

Panel Discussions

WOPHA With: Foto Féminas, Hundred Heroines, and Foto Femme United, Miami, USA

Art Fairs

Present, Nefarious Contemporary, Baltimore, USA

Memberships/Professional Affiliations

Member of Authority Collective, USA